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Due to popular demand DDi has now included Safety Files as part of our add-on services provided to our clients, thus we will be able to assist our clients more holistically from a Health and Safety Perspective.


The basics of a Safety File is to record information, prepared for the client and onsite personnel, which focuses the OHS principles and processes. We call this a living document (file) needing constant attention and updates. DDi, on request of the client, may assist in the maintenance of the file which contains information which alerts those who are responsible as well as accountable, of all the safety and health risks that will need to be addressed during ongoing maintenance, repair or other related construction work.


This file is customised and will include everything you need. What makes our process so unique, is that DDi can assist with many add-on aspects such as policy writing, specific health and safety training, Safety Audit and much more. Contact us for a free, no obligation quote.